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Why employ a Graduate?

We believe that graduates, whatever their level of experience are good for business. This is why we can help to supply not only brand new graduates but also those who have several years’ experience after university.

Why new Graduates?

Without doubt university students have a much harder time in the so-called “noughties” than ever before. Faced with massive student debt and a hugely competitive job market, graduates have to make themselves employable from the day they step into university. A recent survey by HSBC and the National Union of Students* found that 75% of students interviewed now fit part-time jobs around their studies.

This pro-activity on the part of students is great news for companies looking to employ them as soon as they finish university. New graduates can provide bags of enthusiasm and new ideas whilst also bringing a knowledge of the world of work through any part-time work they may have done. Whilst new graduates are looking for the opportunity to learn and develop, companies are often seeking a “blank canvas” – somebody they can mould to their company’s culture and values.

During these heavy days of the “credit crunch”, the payment of salaries is one of the largest outgoings for most businesses. If you’re keen to continue hiring but have concerns about the salary required to pay an experience person, a new graduate might be a more economical option to consider.

What if you don’t have a need for a brand new graduate? Suppose you’re looking for somebody who has proven their ability to study with an additional few years in the workplace? Graduates looking for their second or third job can be an excellent choice, often bringing with them solid experience that they’re looking to use elsewhere

*NUS/HSBC Student Research, GfK Financial, August 2008